Creating a Point of Sale Invoice

To enter a simple transaction using a POS Invoice with single payment mode:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > Select F8: Sales

  1. Select the Point Of Sale Invoice as the Voucher type from the list of Voucher types.

  2. Select the GodownSales Ledger and Tax/BST as applicable.

  3. Select the Item using the Bar code reader to scan the bar code or select the Item from the list.

  4. The Rates of the Item is picked up from Set Standard Rates screen (Stock Item Creation screen) or from the Price List screen.

  5. Select Tax Ledger from the list of Ledger Accounts.

  6. By default for the first time, the Point Of Sale Invoice screen will appear in Single Mode Payment.

The screen will appear as below with the Cash and Cash tendered fields:

Accept to save.

Configurations in POS Invoice:

  1. Allow Party Details in POS Invoice: By setting this option to Yes, you are able to select the Customer’s Ledger.  If you do not want to create a separate Ledger for the Buyer and still would like to print the customer’s name in the Invoice print, select Not Applicable from the List of Ledger Accounts and specify the Buyer’s name and address details in the Buyer’s details.

  2. Skip Qty field during POS Invoicing (faster entry):  By default, the same will be set to Yes so that while passing the Invoice, the cursor will skip the Quantity field.  The user may set this option to No, to specify the required number of quantity.

  3. Allow modification of Rate field during POS Invoicing:  The rates are automatically picked as per the Standard rates defined in the Stock Item master or from the Price List. However, you can change the rate during entry, by setting this option to Yes.