Creating Employee Categories

An Employee Category provides an additional level to classify employees in a logical manner. This is in addition to the Employee Group available by default.

Note: Employee Categories option will be available only if the option More than one Payroll / Cost Category is enabled in F11: Accounting features.

An Employee Category can also be used to track the salaries paid to the employees working in specific projects or locations. For example: Head Office and Regional Offices.

Creating Single Employee Category

To create a single Employee Category (For example: Head Office),

Go to Gateway of Tally > Payroll Info. > Employee Categories > Create (under Single Category)

  • Specify the required name in the Name field

  • Set the option Allocate Revenue Items to Yes to allocate revenue related transaction values for employees created under this category

  • Set the option Allocate Non-Revenue Items to Yes to allocate non-revenue related transaction values for employees created under this category


  • Press Y or Ctrl+Y to save the Employee Category

Employee Category Configuration

  • Press F12 key or click F12: Configure to add/remove options in the Employees Category Creation screen

  • Allow ALIASES along with the Names: Set this option to Yes to add the Alias names

  • Allow Language ALIASES along with Names: Set this option to Yes to add the names in other languages as selected (only while using Multilingual feature).

  • Allow ADVANCED entries in Masters: Set this option to No to hide the options – Allocate Revenue Items and Non Revenue Items in the Employee Category Creationscreen.

Creating Multiple Employee Categories

Tally.ERP 9 allows the creation of more than one employee category from a single screen. To create multiple Employee Categories,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Payroll Info.> Employees Categories> Create (under Multiple Categories)

  • Enter the Employee Category name in the Name of Category field

  • Enable the options Allocations for Revenue Items and Non-Revenue Items, if required

The completed Multi Employee Category Creation screen is displayed as shown:

  • Press Enter to save.