Enabling Payroll Statutory Features

To use the Provident Fund, Employee  Insurance (EI), National Pension Scheme (NPS), Income Tax and Professional Tax features for Indian Payroll, it is necessary to enable Statutory Features for Payroll.

To enable Payroll Statutory feature,

Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > F3: Statutory & Taxation

Note: The Payroll Statutory Features are available only for India. For all other Countries, this option is not available.

  • Set Enable Payroll Statutory to Yes

  • And Set/Alter Payroll Statutory Details to Yes

In Payroll Statutory Details screen,

  • Under the heading Provident Fund:

  • Enter Company Code as allotted by the PF department

NoteCompany Code format is

RegionCode    OfficeCode     EstCode           ExtensionCode

[DL]                 [FBD]        7digits            3digits

ExampleCompany PF Account Number to be entered as DLFBD0012345012.

  • Enter Company Account Group Code as specified by the PF department

  • Enter Company Security Code as specified by the PF department

  • Similarly, for ESI:

  • Enter Company Code as allotted by the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)

  • Enter the name of the ESI Branch Office

  • Enter the number of days to be considered for the calculation of daily wages and monthly Gross amount for ESI benefits as Standard Working Days (per month)

  • Under National Pension Scheme,

  • Corporate Registration Number: Specify the Corporate Registration Number as allotted by the Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA) during registration

  • Corporate Branch Office Number:  Specify the Corporate Branch Office Number allotted by the Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA) during registration

  • Under Income Tax:

  • Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number: Specify the 10 digit TAN assigned to the Employer

  • Income Tax Circle/Ward: Specify the name of the Income Tax Circle, to which the employer is associated

  • Deductor Type: Select Government for Central or State Government companies. For all other companies, select Others

  • Name of Person Responsible: Enter the name of the person responsible for TDS deduction in the company

  • Son/Daughter of: Enter the responsible person’s father name

  • Designation: Specify the official designation of the responsible person

  • Press Enter to accept and save.

Note: The Standard Working Days (per month) is used to calculate the ESI gross Amount for a month. It is also used to calculate the per day wages. When this field is left blank, the Calendar Period will be taken as the basis for calculation.

Note: ESI Eligibility Amount will be as specified in the Stat file.