F12: Payroll Configuration

The other generic payroll related configurations can be set using the Payroll Configuration screen. To view the Payroll Configuration screen,

Go to Gateway of Tally > F12: Configure > Payroll Configuration

In the above screen,

  • Set the option Add Notes for Employees to Yes to enter any additional information about the employee in the Employee Creation/Alteration screen.

  • Set the option Show Statutory Details (for India/ SAARC companies only) to Yes to enter the PF, ESI, NPS and Employee PAN details in the Employee Creation screen and print the same information in the Employee Pay Slip.

Note: For International Companies, the option Show Statutory Details will allow to capture only the Employee’s Income Tax Number in the Employee Creationscreen.

  • Set the options, Show Passport & Visa Details and Show Contract Details, to Yes to capture the information regarding the Employee Passport Number, Passport Expiry date, Visa Number, Visa Expiry date, Contract Start and Expiry dates in the Employee Master and to display the same in the Expat Reports.

  • Set the option Show Resigned / Retired Employees to No, to avoid displaying the names of the resigned employees in the Attendance and Payroll Vouchers.

  • Set the option Show Employee Display Name to Yes, if a different name for an employee has to be printed in the payroll reports. This option is useful, if there are multiple employees in the company with the same name.

The other print related Configurations can be specified in the Payroll Print Configuration screen.