How to Create Company in Tally ERP9


Double click on tally icon from your desktop.

If you are using Tally first time after installation,will have a screen like below.Inside company info menu on the right side of the screen like below.

Step II

You are in company info menu.Now,How to create company in Tally erp9?. To do that Select Create company from the menu and Hit Enter Key.

Company Creation screen will be displayed.

In this company creation screen, you should enter all the details of the company. Let us explain each section separately.

Directory: – Directory means the data storage location. This is the place where tally store all data you entered in tally ERP9. By default the data storage will be inside the installation folder. You can change it at your desired location by typing it manually. For example D:/Tally data

Here are a couple of hand-picked articles to help you to learn more about data management in Tally ERP9.

Name: Type the name of the company in this field, for Example. XYZ LTD

Address: This is the place where we can enter the address of the company.

Country: Select the country from the list in which your business exists.

State: Select the state in which you want to comply statute.

Pin code: Pin code of the location where your company office exists.

Telephone: Enter telephone number

Mobile No: Enter mobile number

Fax No: Fax No if exists.

Email: Enter your official mail id

Website: Enter website address if exists.

Book & Financial Year Details

 Financial year from: Type financial year in which you want creates a company. Suppose you may be starting company on September 01 2016, you should enter the financial year from as 01.01.2017.

Book beginning from: Most of the companies have a book beginning date same as financial year starting date. But may differ for companies

  • Which are starting in the middle of the financial year?
  • Companies which are migrating from Manual Accounting to Tally ERP9 somewhere in the middle of the financial year.
How to Create Group in Tally ERP 9

Gateway of tally>>Accounts info>>Groups>>Create (under single mode)

Name:  Type the desired name

Alias:  alias name if required, an alternative name.

Under:  Select the suitable category; here we are creating for sundry debtors

You are also able to create new primary groups if desired by selecting ‘primary’ All primary groups are already exists in tally.

How to create Ledger in Tally Erp9

Go to Gateway of Tally> Accounts info>Ledger>Create