Stock Item Creation in Tally Erp9

Creating Stock item:

We can also create stock items in advance mode, where there are number of options available for various business needs. Here we are discussing the basics of advance stock item creation; each and every item will be discussed in separate posts later.

How to activate advance mode stock item creation?

Go to stock item creation screen

Gateway of tally>>Inventory Info>>Stock Items>>Create

In the item creation screen Press F12 Function key from key board or Click on configuration buttons on the right bottom of the screen, a stock item configuration screen will appear. Inside the configuration screen there are several options available, Set Yes or No as per your company requirements.


By enabling “Allow ADVANCED entries in masters” will bring some more advanced feature like costing method, market valuation method and many more options in to stock item creation screen.

Now again from stock item creation screen Press F11, You will get a screen, where inventory features are available, in this screen you can see some settings like stock items related features, you can make it available by setting Yes or No.


By enabling these options, Stock creation screen will look like below, Each and every options is required a detailed explanation, that will be following this lesson. Hence I am concluding this post with the screenshot of stock item creation in advanced mode.


Stock Group in Tally Erp9,Single & Multiple Mode

What is a stock group?

Stock groups are used to classifying products. It helps to enumerate the stock from a colossal amount of products  by viewing the report of a particular group. Let’s consider a simple example. An  electronic goods dealer is classifies the products as follows.

They group items based on Product category such as Electronics Goods, Grocery, Clothing etc. Again the sub division of products are based on its brands. See the below image for more clarity.


Main group= Television

Sub Group= Sony, Lg, Samsung, Sharp etc.

How to create a stock group in tally ERP 9?

Make sure that the company is in Accounts with inventory Mode. If it is not, you can enable it from F11 Features>F2 Accounting Features>

Disable option ‘Maintain Accounts only‘. or keep the option No

Maintain accounts only: No

Activation of company with Inventory

There are two modes of stock group creation, They are Single Mode and Multiple Mode.

  1. Single stock Group: Only one stock group can be created using this option under a main group.
  2. Multiple Stock groups: This option help us to create several groups under a single main group and ever under various main group at a time.
Single Stock Group Creation in Tally ERP 9

To create a group in single stock group mode,

Go to Gateway of Tally>>Inventory info>>Stock Group

Press enter and select Create under single stock group


Let’s create the first group Television

Name: Television

Under: Primary,(Primary meaning the prime group or the first level group)

Can quantities of item be added? : By enabling this option you can calculate the sum total of all item quantity. For example you can find out the total number of TV’s grouped under “Television” group Which includes the products under its sub groups. The unit of measure must be same for all items.


Press enter and save the screen. We can call Television as primary group. In this way you can create so many groups individually.

Now we want some sub groups under Television group like Sony, LG, Samsung, sharp etc.

Multiple Stock Groups Creation in Tally Erp9

To overcome the difficulty of creating groups individually, We have the multiple stock group creation option using which, we can create numerous groups in a single screen.

Let’s create the secondary level groups  or sub groups using multiple stock group creation, to do this

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Inventory Info>>Stock Group

Select create under Multiple Stock Groups


And fill as following

Under Group:  Television

Name of Stock Group:  Sony

Under: Under field filled automatically with Television, This field would not be active as we have already selected the under group at the top. It will be active only when we select all item there.

Items are addable: If you want to add the units of the stock items

Press enter to move on to next line, where you can type another stock group, enter all four stock groups .The final screen will look like this.

Press enter and save the screen, so the multiple stock group creation is completed.

Create Multiple stock groups under various main groups.

You can create various stock groups under various main groups. To do this Select all item in Under Group at the top. The field ‘Under’ will be active in this case and you can select the main group under which new groups are placed for every single groups. See below image.

all item in stock group creation screen

You can choose the main group under which Sansui stock group comes under.  The next step is editing viewing and deleting of stock group that we will learn in the next lesson.